Sunday 15 March 2020

Melbourne, Still Australia's Terror Capital

Yet again a Muslim has gone on a knife rampage in Melbourne, it happened on the evening of Thursday, 12th March 2020. He first attacked a PSO (Protective Service Officer- who are at all Melbourne railway stations) at Jolimont station. He pulled out a knife and cut the PSO across the face and arm. The PSO's are armed and in pairs, but he got away. He then went to Richmond railway station where he caught a train. He got off the train at Glenferrie station and walked to Coppin Grove where he stabbed two women in their early thirties. One died and the other has life threatening injuries.

Around 45 minutes later at 12:45am, a man called police to say that he had been stabbed near the corner of Queen Street and Cotham Road, Kew. The 59 year old man later died in hospital. A few streets away in Walton Street, a man was shot dead by police when he threatened them with a knife.

Two innocent people dead, two others with injuries, one maybe both with serious wounds. The PSO it has been reported needs plastic surgery. All because of bad decisions made decades ago.

We have been told that this is a case of mental illness, maybe. Muslims who have mental illness seem to stab people quite a bit. But the real question is why was he here?

Why do we need these people at all?

The answer is that we do not need these people. Their culture and religion is alien to us and it has no place among us. They are not our people but a mixture of foreign peoples. Who we are told insistently that we must call our countrymen.   

Once again ordinary people have had to pay the price for the bad policy of the government.

How long are we going to put up with this?

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  1. Australians, Kiwis etc always get deported from the UK. Deportation is not the cattle car trip to Auschwitz its portrayed. All Migrants should e under a 20 year good behaviour contract. They should also be under some temporary citizenship. It only took one Pakistani migrant in the Government to change our immigration policy to the current mass migration of today. Migration has destroyed the way of life of the real Aussies ( pre 1948 descendant population).