Wednesday 6 November 2019

Parenting, There's An App For That!

The Australian government has funded the development of an App, child 360 from an organisation called Emerging Minds. Which was released last month. Parents are being encouraged to set up profiles of each of their children from birth to teenagers. The idea is that this App will help to monitor a child's mental health.

Shouldn't monitoring a child's well being, mental or otherwise, be part of a parents normal role?

Why does an App like this need to exist?

It all has that rather ugly Big Brother vibe to it. The government monitoring the child and their parents. However the problem of rising mental health problem is a real one. Modern life is driving us all mad.

'They are more connected online than ever before, but young Victorians are experiencing high levels of loneliness and social isolation that is putting them at risk of anxiety and depression, research has found.' (Herald Sun, Tuesday, October 1, 2019, page 11)

We can expect this to increase as loneliness and social isolation is the plan. The Autonomous Individual demands it!

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