Wednesday 4 March 2020

What You Put Up With You Get More Of

This might be obvious to many of you, but it is not obvious to everyone. People wonder why are things always getting worse? Why don't things stabilize? Why is there this constant change, change without end?

The answer is simple, what you put up with you get more of!

We, collectively and individually, put up with a lot. We tolerate things that we should never have tolerated. Why did we do that?

Because nearly everything is done so gradually that it's hard to do something about such a tiny issue. Some of these tiny issues we don't really have a problem with. But over time we find that all of these tiny issues add up. The molehill becomes a mountain.

Another issue is being told by people who agree with us that there is nothing that can be done. It's all to late. Yet if it was too late then things could not continually get worse, but they do continue to get worse. This is not a small problem.

We need to stop tolerating the intolerable.

When someone talks about how great immigration is:
- ask them if they know how many people are unemployed in this country right now.?
- ask them how we can have mass unemployment and mass immigration?
- ask them how many immigrants does it take to create a job?

When someone talks about how great diversity is:
- ask them why do they love them but hate us?
- ask them why it is okay to hate us?
- ask they if they say they don't hate us, why is it okay to want less of us?

It is not about convincing them, if someone is that far gone that they think these things are great, they might be lost forever. However many people walk around in silence waiting for someone else to think as they are. It is about informing the person listening.

We need to stop putting up with so much. We need to find our voice again and we need to stop putting up with so much rubbish!

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  1. Ask them what is the “right” % of Whites in a country built by Whites that used to be 90% White?

    Ask them why is it moral for brown people to not want to live in a brown country but immoral for White people to not want to live in a brown country?