Saturday, 27 July 2019

Needing To Be Needed

Are you attractive? Do people want you? Are you skilled? Do employers want you? Are you a good student? Do Universities want you?

When we are young we often think that being wanted is important. In fact it is something that is often put before us, that we should want to be wanted. That being wanted is what gives us worth. Having more suitors, more job or University offers is what shows our value. However wanting to be wanted comes with a fear, the fear of rejection. But no one wants to be rejected, even though we have all suffered rejection.

Liberalism says that we are all individuals and that we should reject things, many things, in fact everything that stops you from being anything except an individual. Here in it's core value it fails to understand human nature. It simply says that human nature is invented, man made. If that were true it wouldn't be "nature". It thinks that we will be satisfied with being wanted. However at the heart of the human experience is a truth, we do not want to be wanted, we need to be needed.

Being needed is what gives us purpose, it is what we value. Serving others and knowing that if we for whatever reason were not there that we would be missed. Maybe missed is the wrong word. That our not doing something would have consequences, because what we do is something that needs to be done. It's the difference between studying for the test compared to studying for the sake of knowledge. Anyone can want to pass the test, but the real expert is that someone who needs to understand the subject.

Being wanted is nice, it satisfy's our ego which is no small thing. It is however a fleeting thing, something that rarely remains with us. Our need to be needed, that our actions, even our lives have consequences is something that Liberalism does not understand. It wants us to be satisfied with fleeting wants. Are you satisfied with that?

When you look around you do other people that you know seem satisfied with wants?

Wants are fleeting and needs are what Russell Kirk called the permanent things. The things that are important. Children need Parents, Husbands need Wives, Students need Teachers, Employers need Employees, and the same is true in reverse. People need people.

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