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The Conservative Messiah

The Conservative Messiah

On the site 'TV Tropes' there is a trope called the 'Magical Negro'. How many movies have you seen were a black man (sometimes a women) appears and offers advice or wisdom that changes the direction of things for the better? Often for no reason, he just appears. In politics a similar phenomena exists, the search for a political Messiah.

The list is long, although mine won't be, Herman Caine, Sarah Palin, Pauline Hanson, Marine Le Pen amongst others. Looking at this list you can also see what I've dubbed 'The Magic Female'.

A women who will save Conservatism, she will  be attractive or if not attractive you will hear people say she is sexy or that she has sex appeal. She offers a kinder and softer Conservatism, one that our enemies cannot attack because now we are both Progressive and Conservative. Of course they do attack, the idea that they will not is simply wishful thinking. Also someone who is both a Progressive and a Conservative has a name, they are called an Opportunists. How much do you think the Political Opportunist will stand up for either Progressiveness  or Conservatism?

Women are better people many assume, they will be more co-operative which must be good for Democracy. They will not be as aggressive as men so the World will be more peaceful. But we will of course talk up how tough she is, don't worry we won't have to do all the work as she will tell us herself how tough she is. A Pit bull with lipstick, just the average, typical Conservative women, or to put it another more accurate way, absolutely not the average typical Conservative women. Because such a women is not a Conservative at all, she is a Feminist. Maybe not a radical Feminist, she is only a mainstream Feminist, but still a Feminist. She shows by her words and her deeds that she believes in female empowerment, in men and women competing against each other.

That is not Conservatism, we believe that men and women are Allies in life and that Allies co-operate, they do not compete or try to defeat the other. A women cannot lead Conservatism because her Leadership attacks the cause she is leading.

While it is possible for a man who is a member of a Minority group to lead Conservatism, it is both unwise and undesirable for such a thing to occur. All peoples have limits, the Left likes to pretend that it doesn't but that is just pretense. Conservatives have limits as well and it is unlikely that they would really support such a candidate (I'm not talking here about the cheerleaders, but about the great bulk of Conservatives).  The Left will say it's because of racism, but the truth is that Conservatives tend to be, well, Conservative. They are not in a mad rush to change or challenge the social order and they will question if such a candidate is in a rush. The question may be unfair but it will be asked, in time the answer may be acceptable, but I suspect that would take years if not decades.

But the Conservative Messiah is not confined to women or Minorities. Once elected a Conservative man can become a Messiah. But he, like the rest will turn out to be a false Prophet because he will fail to deliver what is expected of him for three reasons.

1. He will be expected to fix what is beyond his ability to fix

2. He probably isn't really a Conservative at all but he is most likely a Right-Liberal. Right-Liberals often sound like Conservatives but they support Liberal economics and they like Social Conservatism but they will drop it like a hot potato if it becomes bothersome and then they will tell us about how they wrestled with their soul and simply changed their mind.

3. There is no real Conservative movement to support him, nor is there a real Conservative movement to keep alive the fight, even if a battle is won.

In short the search for a Political Messiah is fools gold, if you need a Messiah get more religious. But if you want to fight politically and win, we need not a Messiah but a real Conservative movement. One that can take a loss, one that can replace a good candidate with another good candidate. A Conservative movement that will protect our Candidates as they protect us and our shared values. Support a Conservative movement and don't fall for the next Messiah.

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  1. I particularly liked this bit:

    One that can take a loss, one that can replace a good candidate with another good candidate. A Conservative movement that will protect our Candidates as they protect us and our shared values.