Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Employee or Cultist?

In 2009 I lost my job due to the Global Financial Crisis which had happened the year before. So I was looking for another job and I remember one interview quite well. I arrived at the address I had been given but I was a bit confused as it was a normal suburban street instead of an office. I had arrived a little early and as I waited I saw about 15-20 people come out of the address. Now I knew it was a group interview...and that it was the correct address. When it was my time I went in and soon there were around the same number of people waiting to be interviewed, the interview was done outside on a verandah. The women who ran the company was trying to create a version of The Secret which had been a great success when it came out in 2006. However as I listened to what she wanted I realised that she wasn't looking for an employee, what she wanted was someone to join her "cult".

I never got the job and for that I will forever be grateful. Ever since then whenever I look at a job advertisement or have had an interview, I look for whether they want an employee or a cultist. I know someone who had to go through a White privilege class, as I told them if you really had White privilege you wouldn't be sitting in that class. I also know someone who was told by their company to wear a pin supporting homosexual marriage during the Referendum last year. So many workplaces have become cults. Support this cause, mouth this platitude and don't let us hear any insincerity in your voice, your job depends on it.

The fusion of Big Business, the Government and Left-Liberalism continues unabated and the cult is a big part of that. Those who run it don't even think it's strange. They believe that they are helping people who are still asleep to become "woke". To become woke is to accept the Left-Liberal definition of how the world works. But as they believe in people being blank-slates and that creating a Utopia are real things, being woke means being deluded. The cult believes in the delusions and it needs more cultists to also believe.

The question I have is why do people put up with it? It didn't start this bad but it has gotten this bad. However people have gone along with it, at every level from senior management to the newest trainee. Why? We all do things we don't really want to do, however here we are being not asked, but directly told that we must think in a particular way. Why don't people complain to the Union? I think because many of them think that the Union won't be on their side. Why not speak up in the workplace? I think because many people will not find allies. So what can be done?

Unfortunately, until people say no more, insist that it end, it will go on. The cult does not feel any pressure to end, in fact it feels that it is nearly there. A bit more push and it will finally breakthrough. Thats not true, but it feels like that to them. Here are some ways you can fight back.

1. Keep doing your job, be a good employee.
2. Complain, formally and informally.
3. Complain in the "training"
4. Have some slogans and jokes to say
"I've heard it said that Diversity only means less White men, is that true?"
"I was told at the last LGBTQI meeting when I asked when was Heterosexual Appreciation Day, that that was every day. However I have not received any memo on the "Hetero Day" at all, if an organiser is needed I'm available."
"I was informed by HR that women only receive 77% of a mans wage. Could I have my female colleagues pay details so that I can confirm that statistic?"
It's good to make these offers in public so that everyone gets in on the joke.
5. Offer to "run" the training (then make it so generic that it's worthless)
6. Get another job.

The most important thing is to be a good employee, that makes it harder, not impossible but harder to get rid of you.

I think that things are going to get worse before they get better. The only way things get better is if we call them out on this unprofessional behaviour.

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