Friday 12 July 2019

"Gender Swap Surge"

This article is from Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper, the 8th July 2018 page 7.

"More than 30 people a year are changing their gender in Victoria, according to data.

Figures collated by Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria reveal that 250 people had their new gender recognised on their birth certificate over 8 years.

This includes 38 Victorians in 2017-18, and 33 in the 12 months before, who chose to be registered as male, female or another non-binary option after undergoing sex-affirmation surgery.

The annual figures have remained relatively stable since June 2009."

It goes on but this is the important part for now. We are subjected to a near constant refrain that we must be more accepting of the transgender. We see constant representations and we are lead to believe that this is a massive population. In the State of Victoria population 6,000,000 we have 250 people who have had an Orwellian 'sex-affirmation surgery'. Or at least have had their birth certificate legally falsified.

One thing that I did find positive was that the numbers have "remained relatively stable" for a decade.

One final portion from the article

" However, the number could rise in the future, with a proposed state law allowing people to change their gender on official documents without undergoing medical procedures."

In other words the government wants to change the already bad law to allow people to change official documents without having had any 'sex-affirmation surgery'.

Liberals, in this case from the Australian Labor Party, believe that being able to change your sex means that you are truly an individual. To use a phrase that Liberals love Transgenders are becoming "fully-human", something you and I can only dream about. We are trapped by our biological bodies, but the Transgendered are liberated from such concerns.

Liberalism is an acid and it destroys everything it touches, even biology and common sense.

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