Sunday, 14 July 2019

Driving Towards the Cliff

Civilizations end, ours will one day end. Just as each person will one day die so will everything that we know die. Too many people take that as a defeatist statement, that as everything dies then there is no need to do anything. But between birth and death there is life and life makes doing things worthwhile, meaningful.

You do not need to look far to see that our Civilization is being driven towards the cliff. That in many ways we are living on the achievements of the past. And that one day we will have run out of those achievements. That the people who's job is is to look after those achievements, politicians, academics, clergy, are not. Sadly we cannot look to them to save us or our Civilization. Instead we must work around them in most cases.

On of the worst of our enemies are the political parties. In Australia we have 3 major parties:


Each one of them is bad and each one is driving towards the cliff, with us as unwilling passengers. We are not interested in their suicide pact, but they are in control, not us.

The Liberal Party will drives us there doing the speed limit

The Labor Party will be speeding

& The Greens are driving a car with a rocket on

And the cliff gets closer and closer, only the speed is different, never the destination. In other Western countries the names might be different but the destination isn't.

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