Thursday 25 July 2019

The End of Privacy

Ten years ago I bought a tracking device, it tracks my movement at all times. It continually sends it's unique signature to the nearest mobile tower and if I get close to another tower then it sends it signal there. And bizarrely I not only keep this tracking device with me nearly all the time but I pay to be tracked. I simply call it my mobile phone.

The extent to which we are kept under surveillance is staggering. The computer that I am typing on sends out messages that are recorded. Each and every search I do is recorded. Your phone company knows every number you call, or that calls you. When you go for a drive or a walk cameras record your movements. Cameras in private homes, in businesses, cameras on highways and at traffic lights.
Not to the mention the devices and apps that people get to track everything from their heartrate to how many steps they make. Of course every "Smart" device keeps track of you and sends data back to whoever made it.

I recently mailed a letter and was asked if I wanted to track it. To catch public transport I must buy a card that I tap on and off as I travel from place to place. All recorded. Then people get things like Alexa to I don't know why, at this point it seems a bit redundant.

People say that if you have nothing to hid then you have nothing to fear. But when thinking that a man in a dress is ridiculous is not permitted. When words are portrayed as an act of violence, then we all have something to hide, we all have something to fear. You may not think that a man in a dress is ridiculous, but there are things that you do think are ridiculous. How long will it be before those thoughts are not permitted?

When they are forbidden remember that there will be no where to hide them. Because in a world without privacy you have everything to fear and nothing to hide.

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