Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Australian Election

The Australian Election

Yesterday for only the seventh time since 1945 Australia has elected a new Government, we have had many more elections but Australians are very reluctant to put a new Government in place. Political parties like to talk about how they win elections but the truth is, here we don't elect Governments, we sack them.

While a handful of seats are still in doubt as to who will win them, it is clear that the Coalition has around 90 Parliamentary seats out of 150. The Coalition is a partnership of two political parties, the Liberals and the Nationals. Both claim to be Conservative but are in reality Right-Liberal parties. They defeated the Australian Labor Party who now have 57 seats in the new Parliament. The Greens have one seat and Independents the rest. A new party, the Palmer United Party, may have won non, one or two seats.

The Australian Labor Party was the previous Government and they deserved to lose. I only need to tell you one thing for you to understand how terrible they were as a Government. They introduced a new tax, the mining tax to get more money from the mining industry. Only it didn't bring in any revenue!

How bad do you have to be to bring in a new tax and not get any money from it!

This was really only the tip of the iceberg of their failures.

You might hear about how Australia now has a Conservative Government, about how we are all ashamed or should be of the new Governments actions or words, about how racist and intolerable life is here for immigrants or homosexuals. Of course non of it will be true. Our new Government is not Conservative, some of it's members are, many hold Conservative positions on a number of topics but thats not a Conservative Government. Thats a Government thats simply more Conservative than the last Government.

The new Government has said it will be tough on illegal immigrants, I hope it will be but that remains to be seen. The last Coalition Government had an ill deserved reputation for being tough, but somehow most of the illegal immigrants still managed to get to stay in Australia, for my money that ain't tough. The media love to tell us about how people are ashamed of the Government, but rarely is it true, here or elsewhere. The media are just so used to doing these stories that they believe their own propaganda.

Of course any toughening of immigration will be seen as racist, whether it is or isn't, whether it works or not, the media only care about the story and their message not about reality. The same will go for homosexual marriage, the new Prime Minister is against it, during the campaign to much media ridicule he called it "a fad", even though his sister is a Lesbian. But he will be put under pressure to pass it, if he does as I hope and keeps saying no, don't be surprised to hear stories about how tough it is to be homosexual in Australia. The reality will be it won't be any different at all.

I wish the new Government well and I hope it does good things. But it doesn't detract from the fact that I am not a Right-Liberal and for what i hope and desire for Australia I need a Conservative Government. The work of building a Traditional Conservative movement hasn't ended, it continues just as it did under the last Government.

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