Sunday 25 August 2013

Traditional Conservative views on Men

Traditional Conservative views on Men

It is not uncommon to read views or policies about women, but how often, if at all, have you seen views or policies on men? For Traditional Conservatives men are not the forgotten half of society, they are as vital as women, as it requires both halves of mankind to make society function.

In the Clint Eastwood directed movie "A Perfect World", the escaped convict Butch, played by Kevin Costner, says a line that sums up much of our view of men and their role in society. Butch has just robbed a family of their car and he explains to his young captive/companion about the families Father "Bob's a fine family man, that's about the best thing a fella can hope to be". It's obvious that Butch both believes this to be true and knows that he will never live that life.

About the best thing a fella can be, why?

Because a Family man is living that most important of things a balanced life. A life that is not just about self, that supports his family and his community. It also helps him. I do not wish to imply that married life is perfect, but I do wish to imply that it is in most cases better than Bachelorhood. Bachelorhood is a stage that we want men to live and then to move out of. For some men, for various reasons, they will remain a Bachelor. It does not make them lesser men or mean that their life is wrong, it simply means that they are not living a balanced life. The preferred life.

We all should encourage men, ourselves included, to live a balanced life, a life in which positive virtues are both maintained and propagated. Virtues including but not limited to:

Knowledge &

The above list is not exhaustive but it is an achievable list. Some may be physical but all are mental, all require thought and effort to build and maintain. Some men will fail, they should be the exceptions.

Just as we expect things from men, men should expect things from Traditional Conservatism.

We should always be supporting marriage and men's right to marry, to be able to support his marriage, his Wife and his children. We should oppose those things that attack or deter this.

We should always be supporting financial conservatism so that the Government spends money on things that are needed and not things of vanity. Not on things that seem important but on things that are important. That Business be held accountable to standards that support a balanced society and not on exploiting one part of society to create wealth for another. That jobs are as important as wealth.

We should always be supporting males virtues and abilities, the unique things that make men different from women, from boyhood to old age. Men are Builders and Thinkers, Doers and Explorers, Leaders and Defenders. When we say things like this our opponents like to say but women can do those things, yes the exceptions can, but we aren't interested in the exceptions we are interested in everyone else.

The family man was once, not that long ago, the average man, the great bulk of men in society. But men, married and unmarried have been attacked and denied for decades. It is time to put the family man back on his pedestal.

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  1. I was just having similar thoughts the other day. Even well intentioned men frequently seem to lack a genuine sense of what manhood is. For too long true manhood has been supplanted by ridiculous, frequently unmanly concepts like slobbishness, sex mania and a slavish devotion to sport.

  2. Dear Plato

    Good point, instead of these being something that the occasional man was it has become quite standard. It's a race to be the lowest denominator. But on the positive side I think that many men are looking for something deeper. Something that distinguishes them from women. The hard part is for the rest of us to maintain our standards and encourage these men though word and deed.