Thursday, 18 July 2019

A World Without Loyalty

Liberalism believes in a borderless world, a world in which people, money and goods can move without restriction. A world with unlimited freedom and without consequences.

Which means that it does not have loyalty to anyone who belongs, to anyone who was born here. If you listen you will hear Liberals say exactly that. Because an immigrant, legal or illegal, is someone who has chosen their own destiny. They are not being held back by where they were born, nor by their class or ethnic origin. They are self-made and therefore more "fully human" than you or I.

Our loyalty to the place that we were born and to the people who are like us is regarded with contempt by those who think they are our betters. They cannot understand why we remain loyal. They cannot understand why it matters to us or that they have betrayed us. They think that they are supporting vast ideals. Ideals that will lead to a better world, a fairer world a world without loyalty.

Yes they really believe that a better world is one without loyalty. Because Liberalism is not about the group, it's not about community, or country, or nation, or civilization, or God, only the individual matters. And they believe that we are selfish, that we want only what is good for us. That the individual is supreme. That means that to be loyal to our group, our country, our nation, our civilization or our God is wrong. Our loyalty should only be to self.

That's what Liberals find so admirable about immigrants, that from a distance it can seem as if they have broken free of all those things that held them back. That they are no longer loyal to where they were born or to their own people. They like to think of them as random individuals who by physically moving where they live have transcended what they were before. An immigrant has performed magic, they have become a Liberal....whether they realise that or not.

That's why they love them more than us, that's why they are more loyal to them than to us, that's why we are become second class citizens in our own countries. However what happens when we decide to be as loyal to them as they are to us?

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