Wednesday 1 March 2017

Amerika Interviews Me

Over at Oz Conservative there is a link to a site called Amerika. The site is run by Mr. Brett Stevens and he is a dynamo when it comes to turning out interesting and thought provoking articles. I'm stunned by the quantity and quality that he produces. Not all of the articles are written by Mr. Stevens, only the majority.

A few weeks ago I left a comment to one of his articles and he came and had a look at my blog. He wasted no time in asking to interview me and today he has published the interview. I was quite impressed with his questions as they showed that he had read the blog and saw it's unique faults and merits. Which made it a pleasure to answer his questions and it provides a look at the blog from someone else's perspective.

Interview with Mark Moncrieff of Upon Hope


Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future
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