Saturday 6 April 2013

Who wins when Liberalism wins?

Who wins when Liberalism wins?

When the individual is supreme, society as we understand it will not exist. The individual will be their own religion, society, political unit and family. How will that work?

 In short it cannot work.

 So what would Liberal victory look like? Liberalism is unworkable and it is only the ability to make “unprincipled exceptions” that give it the illusion that it can work. Liberalism will produce unstable economies and therefore unstable military power. If the individual is King, who in the Army can be the General? If an Army cannot have a General how exactly would you fight wars, let alone win wars? 

Here we see the unprincipled exception again. 

Liberalism will ignore Liberalism simply because it must. That’s leaves the rest of us with no support, not even Liberalism to pretend to fall back on. The end result will be the triumph of some other political system, again simply because it must. The only question is how long that takes.

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