Saturday 20 April 2013

Childrens Rights, do Children have rights?

Childrens Rights, do Children have rights? 

Current law says they do, International treaties say they do. But like so much that is put forward nowadays I believe it has it backwards. I believe that Parents, Guardians and Adults in general have responsibilities to children, not that children have rights. Rights carry obligations but no child should have any obligation beyond their family. If an area has compulsory schooling the child doesn’t get in trouble for not being sent the parent does, if a child is neglected he isn’t punished his parents are. 

Why? Because parents have responsibilities. 

Let me give you an extreme example, let us say that society has collapsed, there is no Government, no Police, no Law. There is nothing to stop a parent sending their children out into a very cruel world, no punishment, no disapproval, so what would stop them from doing so? Because nearly every parent understands without needing to be told that they are responsible. Not the next door neighbours, not the Government, no one but them. 

That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like help from time to time but that doesn’t mean they are giving up their responsibilities. Children don’t have rights, parents have responsibilities.

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