Friday 19 April 2013

Beyond Homosexual Marriage

Beyond Homosexual Marriage

Homosexual marriage is only a short rest stop on the march of progress. Once Liberalism has achieved it’s aims here it will march on, leaving those who cannot or will not fight in the next struggle behind. For marriage equality there are still many who are discriminated against, to be honest most are happy to have them discriminated against. But Liberalism will fight these battles regardless. It will believe that it fights yet another good fight to achieve equality. 

If love is the guide to who should marry, how can anyone deny Polygamist or Group marriage, if two or more people love each other how can we deny their love? 

If a Son wishes to marry his Mother who would deny their love for one another? 

If a women loves a bridge or a park bench, or a man states his love for his Japanese love pillow how do you prove their love isn’t real? 

If a man loves his dog or his goldfish why shouldn’t they be allowed to marry? 

Only a bigot could deny them the right that everyone else possesses. Are you a bigot?

Liberals say all they want to do is give people choices, but not all choices are equal. In fact a choice often cuts off the option of other choices. A Polygamist marriage for example has 1 husband and a number of wives, those wives share 1 husband. What happens to those men who physically cannot marry because there is no women to marry? 

How far would Liberalism go in it's quest to make the individual supreme? 

The end of this will be reached when a man asks a women to marry him and she rejects the notion because she doesn't want to be associated with all that marriage weirdness. Marriage has no place in a truly Liberal society, the individual is supreme and the individual cannot be bonded to anyone or anything.

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  1. "If a Son wishes to marry his Mother who would deny their love for one another?"

    I've been arguing for some time that once homosexual marriage is accomplished the next step will be the "normalisation" of incest. When I first suggested this people thought I was mad. But it's already happening. There's even a politically correct term for it now - genetic sexual attraction. The campaign for "full marriage equality" has begun - which means incestuous marriage.

    That's what terrifies me about our world - there is literally no limit to how far liberals will push these things.

    If you think I'm exaggerating take a look at this blog -

  2. Mr.Doom

    Not for a second do I think your exaggerating.

    Liberalism believes in choice, and it doesn't matter if that is a good choice or a bad choice. Of course that only encourages more bad choices.

    Mark Moncrieff