Monday 22 April 2013

Liberalism versus Religion

Liberalism versus Religion

For many people religion gives their life meaning, but in a truly Liberal society religion doesn’t really have a place or even a right to exist. In fact it has a habit, a longstanding and nasty habit of telling people that some things are good and others bad. It has no right to do that, I think that should be clear, remember in a Liberal world only you, the individual has rights. 

I think Church’s and the like would most likely still exist, they may even be open to the public but religion would need to be highly individualistic. With individuals deciding how to pray or perform rituals and so forth, I also think it would be advisable to change these every few months, a year at the most otherwise it would start to look like an actual religion. Remember, something that doesn’t have the right to exist. 

You may say but I want to be a Catholic or an Anabaptist or worship Odin, of course you can, you have that right, your individual right, no one has the right to take away your right…unless. 

Unless you try to convince or insult other individuals with your beliefs, by doing something public like telling others of your belief or wearing or showing a symbol of your faith. They are an Island, totally free and autonomist, how can they continue to be when you invade their Island with your “Faith crime”. 

In a truly Liberal world you are alone, to be an autonomist is to be alone.

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