Sunday 21 April 2013

Liberalism versus God

Liberalism versus God

Liberalism believes the individual is supreme, which means that the individual is divine in a way God cannot be. God is external to the individual and he must be shared with others and he must be interpreted and understood by others, many others. While the individual needs no one else to interpret them. Self expression and self believe can guide the individual. 

When you ask yourself why Liberalism is so hostile to religion you must understand that God and Liberalism are in competition. How can one worship God and himself? In the end it must be one or the other. 

Liberalism understands this, the more conservative religious groups understand this. The truly amazing thing is that so many religious groups think the two are complimentary. How can rejecting the core beliefs of a religion and replacing it with the worship of the individual by the individual be complimentary?

Self love with no room for the love of God or of others. Worshiping yourself isn't enlightenment, it's narcissism.

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