Friday 26 April 2013

Meeting Other Conservatives

Meeting Other Conservatives

Being a Conservative can be a lonely experience as we know that surrounding us is Liberalism. It is in our newspapers, on the radio and on Television as well as in far too many movies. Our Governments are Liberal, they support Liberalism in so many ways free trade, social policy, Feminist policies, job hiring, we are surrounded by Liberal laws. The education system is Liberal at each stage from Kindergartens to University. We meet people, some of whom are very nasty in their support of Liberalism and we met others who support Liberalism because they believe it's the right thing to do, often without even thinking about it, they just accept it.

Being a Conservative can often feel like being the only sane man in the Asylum. When Liberals see this they think that being sane is deviant.

But one way to help ourselves combat this is to not be alone in our thoughts. It's not always possible to fight or argue with those who we disagree with as sometimes the risk is too great. That is because too many of us are alone in this fight, we need Allies and Friends to help us see that it is the Asylum that is insane. Conservatives need to meet up and join together, even if just to socialize, we need to form our own society, one that competes on the battlefield of ideas with Liberalism. Alone we are simply alone,but together we can give mutual support in our common cause.

On the 1st of May I shall be meeting up with a number of fellow Conservatives, including Mark Richardson of OzConservative fame. Some I have already meet and some I will met for the first time, we will eat and drink, talk about Conservatism and about the mad world that Liberalism has created and that we are forced to live in.

We started with just two of us and no idea if anyone else would join us, but in time they did and it grew but if we had not made that first step we would still be alone in our thoughts. If you are in Melbourne, Australia and would like to attend send me an email. If you live somewhere else, think about who you know who sees the world as you do and start meeting up, start with a drink and a meal, even if it's just two of you, we all need for us to not just be alone with our thoughts and instead to be meeting up with our fellow Conservatives.

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  1. Thanks for giving the meeting some publicity Mark. Look forward to catching up again.