Friday 5 April 2013

The Unprincipled Exception

The Unprincipled Exception

The Conservative writer Lawrence Auster wrote about the Unprincipled Exception. Were by Liberals say one thing but live their lives in a totally different way. For example the fact is that many supporters of Liberalism are married with families, how can they oppose the family if they are so eager to marry and have children? 

Here is a big problem because while they live very traditional lives their backing of Liberalism supports policies that seem nice on the surface but that are very destructive. The lack of full time jobs is a major factor in the decline of marriage, how do you support a family without a regular income? 

They support their family but not other families, they support their marriage but not the institution of marriage. To support Liberalism is to support policies that are destructive to the family. How can someone support Liberalism and have a family? 

That’s why it’s called the Unprincipled Exception. 

Now have a look around and notice how common it is.

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