Thursday 11 April 2013

The First Month

The First Month

I had been thinking about starting a blog for months but a month ago I decided to stop thinking about it and just start it. My plan was to post every day, well that hasn't quite worked but this will be my 21st Post so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. What I have found encouraging is seeing that people are looking at the site and both seeing visitors from the same countries as well as seeing visitors from new countries.

I thought I would give you a view of this site, the view that I get from looking at the stats that Blogger provides me with. I basically get 4 indicators showing me who is looking at the site.

1. What time someone looks at the site
2. What country that person is in
3. What browser is being used &
4. What operating system is being used

But I get each piece of information separately so the only way I could know that was all about the same person was if only 1 person looked at the site within a 24 hour period, which has never happened.

I started the site on the 11th of March and got 6 views, my worst day was the 16th of March when I only got 4 visitors. The best was 19th of March, two days after Mr. Mark Richardson linked to me from his Ozconservative site, that day I received 109 visitors. The average now a month later is roughly 20 visitors a day.

Here is the visitors list for the top 10 countries this month

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Korea

Australia and the United States have consistently been the biggest countries for visitors, Thanks!

Germany started small but has grown big as the month wore on, interestingly when I have received big numbers from Germany on a particular day, I noticed that there was also a big jump in people looking at the site at the same time. Which makes me wonder if it is a class or group looking at the site at the same time. Anyway glad to have you on board!

I must admit I never thought I would have a readership in Bulgaria nor in South Korea. South Korea has been consistent so I think it's return visitors. Bulgaria has doubled since the start of the month. To the visitors from both countries I say good to see you here!

Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand have been a little disappointing to be honest. They jumped on early and jumped off again quite quickly. Slowly some visitors from my fellow Commonwealth realms have turned up, to which I say good stuff, keep it up!

Russia gave me 6 visitors in one day and another today, I hope it continues to grows!

Indonesia gave me some visitors this week and I've received some more visitors, not sure if it's the same people or new ones but the more the merrier.

I have also received some visitors from Ireland, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, China, Malaysia and Singapore for a total of around 820 visitors (both one time and returnees) for the month.

I hope I have provided some food for thought with my posts. As well as the knowledge that there are Traditional Conservatives around and that we share a common cause regardless of where we live. Love your Nation but never forget that we are in an International fight and we need to build local, national and International networks that are mutually supporting to stand a chance in this very long war.

Back to normal posting in a day or so.

Yours Sincerely
Mark Moncrieff


  1. Mark, well done so far. I've enjoyed reading your posts. Your statistics back up something I've thought for a while, that the Americans have been critical in encouraging the growth of a traditionalist movement. At my own site, nearly half of the readership comes from the US.

  2. Dear Mr. Richardson

    Thank you for your support and kind words. It's great having Americans here, most I would assume found me through your site. But I'm also happy to have Australian and other Nationalities having a look. As we have discussed before it is important to let others know they are not alone. As well as in the longer term hopefully starting up groups such as the Eltham Traditionalists in their local area.

    Mark Moncrieff