Thursday 18 April 2013

Homosexual Marriage

Homosexual Marriage

But of course the attack on marriage didn’t stop there, it took awhile for it to reach the mainstream but it did get there. The idea that if marriage is about love then anyone who is in love should be able to marry if they wish to. The idea seems logical to many people, in fact if you accept the Liberal premise that marriage is about love it is logical. 

But it still took a long while before the idea of homosexual marriage took hold. It went against tradition, both secular and religious, it went against the idea that a marriage is the formation of a family. Liberalism then had to make the argument that the family is changeable, it doesn’t consist of Husband/Father, Wife/Mother and children. It can consist of any combination of people, even if they are not married or even related. Most people treated this idea with derision. 

No-Fault divorce took care of the argument, single women with children, Fathers often without children forming new relationships with new women who might have children. The strict divide that had existed between married and unmarried was eroded and warped into new shapes. It made a mockery of traditional marriage, look how fragile marriage really is the critics said! If marriage is this broken what possible argument could be made that marriage shouldn’t be open to everybody. 

Here is a classic tactic of Liberalism, Liberal belief made marriage fragile then the Liberal argues that there will be no harm in changing marriage, after all maybe the new change might make marriage less fragile! 

There is no thought of the past and there is just as much thought for the future. It is not homosexuals who are responsible for this state of affairs it is Liberalism.

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