Saturday 30 November 2019

Women's Work Is Poison!

The National Australia Banks Independent Schools Survey was released this week and it found that

'girls were doing old-fashioned "housewife" chores to earn their pocket money'
When will parents learn that 'women's' work is not okay!

Cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, etc....these things are only allowable when they occur outside of the home and are being done for money. Then 'women's' work becomes glamorous. However inside of the home they are poison!

Unless boys do them. Or is it that poisoning boys is a good thing?

Of course if these jobs are done for money outside of the home then no poisoning occurs. It's their professional knowledge that makes them immune, or is it the money?

Hard to say.

What you should remember is this, any work that women did in the past is poison, any work men have done is glamorous. Always remember that men and women are equal and in no way different. However if a women does a job that women traditionally did then that job is poison, if she does a job that men traditionally did then that is fantastic and in absolutely no way poisonous.  Of course men should be encouraged to do more women's work...even though this is poisonous. Don't forget that men and women are equal and in no way different.

Of course this would all be much easier if women stopped being women and became men. And of course if men stopped being men and became women. You see the problem today is that women are still women and men are still men and that creates inequality....even though men and women are equal and in no way different. Of course once women are men and men are women, problem solved!

If non of this makes sense, that means, your still sane.

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  1. I think the goal is for men to do all the work and women to get all the pay.