Wednesday 27 November 2019

A Question Regarding Liberals

All of the major political parties in the West are Liberal parties, they support Liberalism. In the churches, businesses, charities, media, schools and universities the majority view is a Liberal one. Liberalism is the mainstream philosophy.

Liberalism believes in the Autonomous Individual, who is the end point of Liberalism. The utopia. A person who is entirely self made and self serving. Living life without consequences , free from restraint, free to live their life without restrictions. Because the Autonomous Individual is fully human, something that, according to Liberalism, you and I are not. In short the Autonomous Individual is a better person than you or I. They are perfect people, living under a perfect system of government within a perfect economic system.

Now if someone put the above paragraph into their campaign literature, would you vote for them?

Do you believe that it is possible to create perfect people living under a perfect system of government within a perfect economic system?

Who could?

Which leads me to my question, I understand Liberalism, but Liberals, those who support Liberalism.

Are they so stupid that they do not understand the philosophy they profess to believe, or are they so evil that they entirely understand it and they are prepared to lie and cheat to achieve what they believe?   

Because their is no third option.

I have meet Liberals who are intelligent, but who are stupid when it comes to Liberalism, they have no idea what it's aims are. I have met Liberals who are evil, who entirely understand Liberalism's end point and who will do whatever it takes to further it's goals. But the majority of them I don't know.

Those who are stupid can be worked on their 'faith' can be shattered. Those who are evil should be identified and avoided, you cannot convert them.

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