Saturday, 9 November 2019

Freedom Versus Tyranny

When we talk about freedom and tyranny we are nearly always talking about the peoples relationship to the government. Once a population gets above a few hundred people who are related then government becomes necessary. It's function is to govern, in other words to regulate, the relationship between people and groups of people. It further serves to protect those under it's rule from external as well as internal threats.

Traditionalists know that freedom is not opened-ended, that true freedom exists within boundaries. The freedom I enjoy in my home is different to the freedom I enjoy outside of it. The freedom I enjoy in my own country is different to the freedom that I might enjoy in someone else's. That the boundaries that restrict me, in reality protect me and in that protection I can enjoy my freedom.

The Liberal view is that freedom is absolute, that more freedom is better and that no restrictions is best. However that describes not freedom, but anarchy. The absence of rules and laws. Here my freedoms would not be protected, there is nothing to protect me or my freedoms. Under anarchy anything goes. And I cannot protest as I cannot call upon any law or custom to defend my freedoms. There are non. Nothing defends my freedom.

The government is not the only institution that can restrict our freedom, but it is only the biggest and most powerful institution that can do so. Over the last century or so, governments have become more and more powerful. More interfering in our lives. They can take from us nearly anything that they want. The whole time denying that they have such power.

Tyranny is any cruel or unjust use of power, now most people would say that it must be ongoing. One bad decision or action might be cruel or unjust but it would not rise to the level of tyranny. However once it became a part of the system of government then it would be tyranny.

Freedom is when the government serves the interests of the people. Tyranny is when the people serve the interests of the government.

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