Saturday 23 November 2019

Youtube Troubles

These troubles are divided into two parts.

Last Monday, the 18th of November, David Hiscox  and I did a new podcast. I tried to upload it the same day, however I forgot to press 'publish' and it timed out. I'm afraid the real problem is I'm Boomer Tech and I'm not even a Boomer!

So I had to wait until Friday to start again. By Friday the entire upload interface had changed. As far as I can tell I'm doing everything correctly, Youtube disagrees, so no upload yet. 

The other trouble is potential, Youtube has recently announced that it has a few changes coming. The big one is Coppa (Children Online Privacy Protection Act), a law passed in 1998 to protect children online. The U.S. Government has decided that Youtube has not been doing it's job and is now going to monitor Youtube and it's content creators. And issue large fines if it feels it is warranted. The real problem is that the law is very vague. As the Melbourne Traditionalists podcast is clearly not for children, I don't see this affecting us much.

Another change is in it's new terms of service there is a clause stating that channels that don't make money can be deleted by Youtube for not making money. Youtube has never made more money than it spends and it has been trying to fix this for years and clearly this is an attempt to do that. However, again it is quite vague about what it will mean in practice. At first glance it means that we will be deleted. Honestly I don't think that will happen. I read one article that said that it was code for any, including political, content that it doesn't like can be deleted. The article did not approve or disapprove of this, but the commentors on the article most certainly did approve. 

Hopefully with some help I will be able to fix my Youtube problem early this week. 

In regards to the potential problems we will continue on as we have been until they become actual problems. 

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