Monday, 18 November 2019

Sardines On Trains

If you catch public transport in Melbourne your used to knowing what it's like to be a sardine. Packed in as tight as you can be. And every year you get to hear the Premier, whoever it happens to be, tell us all about how things are getting better.

I'm surprised that only 10% of peak hour trains are considered overcrowded. Each train has a capacity of 900 people, that means that no train is supposed to have 901 passengers. But in peak times, particularly in the afternoon and early evenings, 1 in 10 trains is carrying more people than the train is designed to carry.

In 2019, 14,700,00 more trips have taken place than in 2014. It's not your imagination, we really are becoming a third world city in every way. While the trains are filled from the outer suburbs, if you are in the inner suburbs and your trying to catch a train, good luck. Because once a train is at capacity you are unlikely to be able to even force your way onto one.

In 2017 trains in Melbourne were reconfigured so that they could fit more people in. Seats were removed so that each train could carry 900 passengers instead of 798. $50,000,000,000 ($50 billion) is being spent to expand and improve the transport system in Melbourne. Immigration is the key driver in this mess and as there are no plans to end it, that money is only the tip of the iceberg. Never ending growth, never ending congestion, never ending sardines.

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