Tuesday 19 November 2019

IVF and Childlessness

Yesterday the 18th November 2019 there was a public meeting on whether in the state of Victoria children should be born via IVF with three parents. The egg from one women transplanted into a second women's womb after being fertilized by a mans sperm. Biologically a child from such a procedure would have two mothers and one father, three parents.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is where fertilization of the egg is done outside of the body, instead of being fertilized inside of the body during sex as is the normal practice. This has been possible since 1977. I have always heard nothing but praise for IVF, ironically I heard more criticism from the media than in real life. However I have always found it disquieting, although to be honest I haven't thought much about it. I didn't want to, artificially creating life just doesn't seem right.

When it first came into being it was portrayed as something that allows infertile couples to have children. Since then it has allowed all kinds of people to have children, including single women and homosexuals. Which are always put forward as a great advance. However in my eyes this continued pushing of boundaries is starting to turn my disquiet into opposition. This is how the enemy operate, by continually pushing things further and further.

Now the argument is being put forward to create a child with three parents, I say no to Frankenstein babies!

I further think that IVF has decreased the number of babies in our society, instead of increasing that number. The best thing for individuals and society is for people to have babies. And the best time to do that is when individuals are at their most fertile. Which is when they are in their early 20's. Instead of encouraging people to have children as late in their fertile life as possible. The idea that IVF is available has resulted in people putting off having children as there is always a medical procedure to fall back on. How many women waited until it was too late?

I have heard many women over the years talk about their life 'schedule'. Everything timed and in it's place, career, marriage and children, each to take place at a certain time and in a certain order. Life however, rarely if ever works like that. Events, great and small occur, we change as individuals in both mind and body. Life is unpredictable.

Children are one of those unpredictable things. I always thought that I would have children, but I do not. So when the argument is made that being childless is a hardship, I agree. It leaves a hole in your life, in your heart and in your soul. Sadly being childless is not unheard of, either now or in the past. There are many reasons why people do not have children even though it is better to have them. Some of those reasons are biological, some are circumstantial. For those who have not had children, or cannot have children we need to be supportive of those who can. Of those who have had children.

Science, like the economy exist to serve our needs, not their own needs and sometimes just because something can be done does not mean it should be done. If IVF is to continue to exist it must be more than simply good science, it must be good. And good means that it makes our lives better and not worse.

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