Thursday, 14 November 2019

Smaller Than Expected

I mentioned this last week on the Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast but I had not noted it here. This news is a few months old but still of interest.

Back in May, during the Australian election, there had been a few news stories on the leap in jobs. Thousands of jobs had been created that month and they wondered if it was a turning point, if we were about to see an economic boom. Sadly that was not the case. The following quotes are from the HeraldSun, Friday, July 19, 2019.

'Australia's jobless rate held steady at 5.2 per cent last month despite an election related boost to employment receding, official figures show.'

'The number of employed people rose by a smaller than expected 500 in June to 12.87 million, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.'

12,870,000 people employed in Australia and in June the economy added 500 jobs!

That's a 0.0038% increase in the number of jobs in Australia.

The good news is that at this rate the employment problem will be solved in 1424 years!

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