Monday 4 November 2019

Why Trans-Humanism is Wrong

Trans-Humanism is the idea that Humans can be more than human through the use of technology. That humans and computers can become one and that through technology we can live forever. And with this 'singularity' the problems that have plagued humanity will be quickly done away with.

Like all utopianism it's all good with no downside...and of course complete and utter rubbish!

This month a British scientist, Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan has become the first cyborg. A cyborg is a human robot hybrid. Dr. Scott-Morgan is dying and he has undergone a series of operations to become a cyborg, what he has called Peter 2.0. He even sent out a tweet saying 'I'm not dying, I'm transforming, Oh how I love science.'.

The sad truth is that when Dr. Scott-Morgan dies he will be dead and any machine that has his image and his voice and that seems to 'think' just like he did is not. Because he's dead. The argument is that yes but this is only the first cyborg and in time they will get better. To which I say maybe, but I hope not.

Trans-Humanism is the mad in the mad scientist stereotype, the idea that God and nature got it wrong but that's alright because they can fix it. That they can end death and end human misery. Why does our society allow such things to be experimented with? Why do we fund it? Why aren't these people in jail?

Because Liberalism loves the idea that we can live forever. It too believes that utopia is within reach. It see's this as another branch of it's endeavours. If people choose to become cyborgs then they are braver than you or I. Such a '' person' would be self made and not confined to the way that nature has so cruelly forced them to adopt. Trans-Humanism, like Transgenderism allows the individual to transcend the boundaries that nature has assigned to them. By becoming a cyborg or a transgender you are, by Liberalisms way of thinking,  becoming more fully human.

Trans-Humanism is the extinction of the entire human race. By turning people into cyborgs we become extinct. What it means to be human is extinguished. It is quite literally inhuman.

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