Thursday 21 November 2019

The Road To Power - A Book Review

The Road To Power is the second book from Sanne Wijker over at A Thrifty Homemaker. It tells the story of Eric Ericsson and his adventures. Even though the story has rayguns in it, it's really an old fashioned swashbuckling tale. With political intrigue and some romance thrown in with assassinations, successful and unsuccessful, a plenty. Once you think the story is about to settle down onto one path it switches tack and moves along. It is never dull, with a fast moving pace pushing the story forward.

I enjoyed the story and recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of political intrigue mixed with adventure. Here is a very brief snippet which I think sums up the main character quite well.

She shook her head indignantly. "Surely you understand what Haakon will do to you if he hears of this? You are playing with fire."
"That's what I like to do, play with fire! Have been doing it all my life." (Page 113)
Playing with fire is I hope her next book title, as it perfectly encapsulates the type of adventure story that Sanne likes to write.

To Find my review of her first book: The Long Way Home - Book Review

You can also get The Road To Power as an ebook at Lulu.

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  1. Thanks, Mark, I truly appreciate it!

  2. Now if I may ask you a question, who is your favourite character?

    1. I would have to say Isabella as she was both consistent in what she wanted and the most human.

  3. Funny, because my mother liked Laura, but then she's always had a thing for "strong independent women":)