Monday, 22 September 2014

The Long Way Home- A Book Review

The Long Way Home- A Book Review

Over at athriftyhomemaker Sanne Wijkers has been keeping busy not just with her website, but also with a short novel, The Long Way Home. I recently finished reading her book and quite enjoyed it. A swashbuckler set in a futuristic setting. Which probably made you think of Star Wars, but don't. The setting is very old fashioned with the space ships simply existing to makes things interesting.

The main character is a Gentleman Adventurer who starts as a mercenary, but in the course of the story becomes a pilot, a captive, an escapee, a smuggler, and truth be told an at times quite ruthless man. Although he seems to live in ruthless times, he is nearly executed twice just for being on the wrong side!

If you like old fashioned adventure stories, then this swashbuckling story might be for you.  

You can also get it from Lulu for a very reasonable $4.57!

Thank you for Sanne for my review copy.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the review, Mark, I'm glad you liked it, and as for the copy, you are welcome! I hope you won't mind me re-posting this on my blog, with a proper link, of course....