Tuesday 29 October 2019

Too Old to Hire, To Young to Retire

Here is an excellent segment from the TV program Sunrise on Australia's Channel Seven. But before I put the link up I would like to highlight some of the information that appears during this segment

Number of Unemployed in Australia by Age:

21-24   62,526
25-34 149, 819
35-44 157,952
45-54 168,683
55-64 173,196

What you notice is that as each age group goes up so does the number of unemployed. The reason for that is firstly that young people are encouraged to go to University, so the number of unemployed is hidden. Secondly we see the effects of Globalism, which for Australia started in the 1980's. Thirdly we see the effects of diversity policies, White men are being replaced and not hired.

Time on Unemployment Benefits (Newstart) in Australia

25-30 104 weeks
30-40 132 weeks
40-50 170 weeks
50-60 188 weeks

Too Old to Hire too Young to Retire, Number of Over 45s on Newstart Allowance Skyrockets

Length: 4 minutes 45 seconds

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