Sunday 13 October 2019

A Slave in Victoria

'A Melbourne couple charged with slave labour offences have been committed to stand trial while their alleged victim says he now lives in fear of retribution for reporting them.' (Herald Sun, Page 17, Thursday, September 26, 2019)

This is a story that we keep seeing, but which we once did not. Australia is the only inhabited Continent not to have had slavery. Aboriginals did not practice slavery and when the British came here they used convicts. Although the convicts often referred to themselves as slaves they were not. So who is introducing slavery to Australia?

This time it's Dr. Seyyed Abdolzadeh Farshchi and his wife Naghmeh Mostafaei who have both been committed to stand trial after a 10 day preliminary hearing.

'The alleged slave, who cannot be named for legal reasons, says he was forced to work 98 hour weeks without lunch breaks and for no pay for months, before finally being paid just $10 an hour.'

The minimum hourly rate in Australia is currently $18.93, although this occurred between 2015-2017.

'County Court judge Liz Gaynor was told their trial, yet to have a date set, would require complex legal argument because the relatively new charges had rarely been prosecuted in Victoria.'

Immigration and Multiculturalism just keep enriching us!

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