Wednesday 23 October 2019

The Nazi Question

To be a Nazi you must have certain beliefs, three very important ones are you must believe in the Jewish World Conspiracy and you must be a German Nationalist as well as believing in Fascism. However you can believe in any of these things and still not be a Nazi. I have meet people who have been called Nazi's who are not, I have meet people who say that they are Nazi's who are not. How is that possible?

Because calling yourself the strongest man in the world doesn't mean it's true!

Some people say that a Nazi is the same thing as a White Nationalist. The problem with that is that there is no such thing as THE White nation. Each ethnic group that is White is a nation, a distinct nation. Many who are against Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism and Diversity look around for something that is against these things. It turns out that only one ideology is explicitly pro-White and that is Nazism.

Surprise, surprise, many people who are not Nazi's start calling themselves Nazi's because they are both pro-White. In reality Nazism is pro-German as it is a slice of German Nationalism. Although you can be a German Nationalist and not be a Nazi. No your not a Nazi simply because you call yourself one.

Mussolini defined Fascism as 'All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state', which means these people aren't Fascists either. Their concern is quite clearly with the Nation (the people) not with the state (the government).

So these people aren't Nazi's and they are not Fascists, what they are is confused. Seeking the same thing most of us are, answers for how to get out of this mess. Those of us who are on the Right are no stranger to people rejecting what they once believed and joining us. We have always helped these people make a political home among us and that needs to continue. It is a rare person who Traditionalism cannot accept. The only criteria is that they fit in with us, not that we fit in with them. Secondly people do not need to agree with everything we do, we can still be political friends with those who support most or even part of our agenda.

If someone is on my side then I am on theirs, if they are not on my side then I am not on theirs. The time for purity tests is after we have won!

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  1. Nazi were members of NSDAP and obviously don't exist any more, but they'll call you Nazi anyway for the slightest deviation from the modern liberal doctrine, so I guess some folks took the road of "agree and amplify"...

  2. Tom Sewell calls himself a National Socialist and says the members of his group are the sons of Hitler.

    Pretty sure he qualifies as a neo nazi.

    1. James

      I have meet Mr. Sewell and I have heard him speak both in public and in private and what you have written did not sound familiar to me at all, so I spoke to someone who knows him much better than I do.

      He said you were wrong and so do I!

    2. You read Sewell here:
      "We are the sons of Nietzsche, of Evola, of Hitler, of Mosley, of Powell."

    3. You intentionally take it out of context, what a slime ball you are!

      'In our movement it is one of the most common questions asked to any new person. "What red-pilled you?" We are the sons of Nietzsche, of Evola, of Hitler, of Mosley, of Powell.
      I have spoken with hundreds of young men in Australia and thousands online, and they have all come to the same conclusion that I have, they were once asleep and now they are awake. Life can never be the same once you follow the bouncing ball to its logical conclusion.'

      It simply highlights that people become red pilled via different paths.

    4. Mark I didn't realise you were friends with Mr Sewell. That's your choice. But he and some of the other Lads are pretty open about their beliefs.

      Up to you if you think that's a good thing to be associated with.

    5. James I really wish you would read what has been written instead of putting your own interpretation on it. I never said I was friends with Mr. Sewell, I said I had met him!

  3. There is a lot to be said for not cucking when the left demands it. But people who can't see that liberalism is the cause of almost all modern troubles because they're too busy obsessing over imaginary Jewish conspiracies are not Traditionalists and should not be considered as such.

  4. Some people are just better at seeing patterns than others. Anyway, NatSoc isn't the same as a historical Nazi. Since progressives call anyone who disagrees with them a nazi, this word has lost its meaning and simply became another slur to use against Europeans. Don't know who Tom Sewell is, btw, and don't care, either.

    1. It has lost its meaning that's true. But if you're trying to wake people up it helps if you don't adopt identities and aesthetics that repel rather than attract.

  5. Tom got in the news today: