Thursday 10 October 2019

Robot State

'The robots are coming to serve us ice cream. Australia's first robotic retail store opens today at federation square, where three futuristic attendants will scoop and serve at the Niska ice cream bar.'

'Niska co-founder and CEO Kate Orlova said the company aimed to transform the retail experience in Australia, with the ice cream bar just the first to feature the technology. "There's a huge opportunity to introduce robotics into a retail environment," she said. "Robots can't replace humans, but are good at doing repetitive tasks, such as scooping ice cream." ' (Herald Sun, Page 3, Tuesday September 17, 2019)

700,000 unemployed in Australia and not one level of Government has said 'hey what a minute, is this really such a good idea?'. No not one.

Talking about bad ideas what about this?

'Every Victorian driver's licence has been uploaded to a new national facial recognition database to help police crackdown on identity theft and other crime. The new system, which is being tested ahead of it's use from December, is part of a broader national push to improve identity matching and boost anti-terror security. Victoria is yet to back all the proposed changes - which are subject to federal legislation - until it gets more guarantees about privacy protections.'

The Victorian Governments Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings tells us later in the article.

'the use of the data would be limited to "other Victorian-based government agencies' until the federal government provided assurances about a federal Identity-matching Services Bill currently before parliament. That Bill will eventually pave the way for CCTV images to be matched to a driver's licence and passport photo. The Andrews Government's agreement to use the new database comes after it trialled facial recognition technology when processing solar panel rebates in July. Many users of the smartphone-based system struggled using the software, resulting in condemnation from customers.' (Herald Sun, Page 3, Tuesday September 17, 2019)

Step by step they take away our ancient Common Law liberties and replace them with the slippery slope. Terrorism that they brought here through immigration is the reason they need to keep us under constant surveillance.

'Facial recognition technology could one day be used by commuters to pay for public transport trips in Victoria'

'The technology - used in several Chinese cities - means cameras at railway station gates would identify commuters as they enter and exit, with online accounts linked to their faces automatically charged for their travel.'

'But the state Opposition wants the government to improve the existing myki system, with Victoria falling behind NSW where commuters can now use credit or debit cards to touch on.' Herald Sun, Page 2, Sunday October 6, 2019)

Every where we go and everything we do is now monitored and that monitoring will only increase. The days when we can say that they died for our freedom is closing fast.

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