Thursday 3 October 2019

Outsourcing Tyranny

When I was growing up the Cold War was on and many public issues were talked about in that context. Tyranny and freedom were often talked about subjects, both in public and in private. I heard these conversations on TV and around the kitchen table.

If during that time you had suggested that some people might not be allowed to have a telephone or a television because of their political beliefs, people would have been outraged. They knew that was tyranny. Today people aren't prevented from owning telephones or televisions. People are however denied access to the internet. We live in an age when practically anyone can create content to put on the internet. However not all of that content is allowed, not because it is illegal, but because it is of the wrong political persuasion.

Back in the Cold War people talked about the tyranny of government, it was what the 20th century had brought. Business, unions, churches etc. were not normally talked about in this way, because it was assumed that, then and at all times, government would be more powerful then any of them. So while it was acknowledged that these things could be tyrannical it was not regarded as a major problem.

Today we live in the age of outsourcing, were jobs are done not by the organisation that needs them done but by someone else. Someone who is paid to do a job but not to question why they are doing the job. Not all outsourced jobs are paid for, today most people are against the idea that the government should censor things. So now that job is being done not by government but by business.

Not just censorship, but all political opinion is being restricted by non-government actors, business, unions, churches, etc. We increasingly live in a tyrannical system and most people do not see it at all. Because the government is not directly involved. Instead it denies that this is real, it denies that it has any power to stop or correct it and it uses the courts to enforce the system in which tyranny is outsourced.

The Liberal system has decided that the outcome is more important than the means. Once the means was considered just as very important. It was not simply that things be done, but that they be seen to be done the right way. That is no longer the case.

Only the outcome is important now, and deflecting criticism. Because that way the things that it does can be both secret and done openly. To achieve the outcomes that Liberalism wants Liberals use whatever is at their disposal, government or non-government, it doesn't matter as long as they achieve the outcome that they want.

The freedoms that we are told are ours, that our forefathers fought for is being taken from us, they are outsourcing tyranny!

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