Thursday, 24 October 2019

Democracy is a Lie

Democracy from the Greek 'demos' meaning people + 'kratia' which means rule. In other words it means rule by the people. But we do not rule do we?

We are told that we do not live in a direct democracy, instead we are told that we live in a representative democracy. In such a system we are supposed to be represented in Parliament, not by ourselves but by our representative. Do we still live in a representative democracy when our representative does not represent us?

Because that is currently the reality, politicians represent their ideology not you, nor I, nor the electorate that they are supposed to represent. We know our politicians lie, we know we are not represented, but we still play the game. We still pretend that the system works just as it is described.

I have come to understand that bi-partisanship is a great evil not a great good. It is portrayed as the defusing of an explosive political issue. In reality it is a way to disguise the fact that issues are not being debated. That the big decisions are all made in secret behind closed doors. The more I look at the history of Immigration into Australia the clearer it becomes.

Labor decides to introduce Mass Immigration in 1943
Mass Immigration begins in 1947
The Labor and Liberal Parties decide that Immigration is a bi-partisan issue in the same year 1947

Since 1947 the issue has been a non issue because they know we would never have voted to do this to ourselves. The year might change, the order might change but this is the reality in every Western country. They decided that we would collectively commit suicide, but when you decide to make someone else commit suicide that's not suicide thats murder.

We cannot represent ourselves
We are not represented by 'our' representatives

Democracy is a lie

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  1. You are right and very well said, I couldn't be anymore proud of you for speaking the truth and espousing the facts. Bless you for everything you have said.