Sunday, 27 October 2019

Someone Should Do Something About this!

Someone should do something about this, normally means:

Someone ELSE should do something about this!

Why can't you be that someone?

Because if we are to get out of the mess we all find ourselves in then we all need to do better....we all need to do more.

In Communist terms we are the revolutionary class.

In Western terms we are the cavalry.

No one is coming to save us, or those we love or those enslaved by Liberal thinking. Only we can save the people and the things that we love. We are outraged, saddened, disgusted because we see those that we love being destroyed and degraded. Don't despair.

I hear people say Swedens lost, Englands lost, no they are not lost. We have not began to fight and we need to begin. We need to understand what has happened to us, we need to accept that this great injustice has happened. To hate that fact is healthy and normal, but we must face our reality. Being able to have reality is our great strength. Revel in that strength, rejoice in our power.

To look is to see and everyday more people do look and they do see. It is a hard hard road that we are on. But this is the true path, the path that leads to reality. Without reality is to be without truth. Our enemies and they are our enemies, they live without truth. It is horrifiying to look into their lives and nothing but lies. Fight the lies, believe in truth.

That someone is you and I, to win we all need to do more!

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