Saturday 12 October 2019

Conference Rapidly Approaching!

With less than a week until the Melbourne Traditionalists Conference and only until 6pm (AEST) on Wednesday 16th to purchase a ticket everything is closing fast!

In the last week ticket sales have been good, now I have to finish my own talk.

If anyone who is attending has any dietry or mobility requirements it's best to let me know via email.

Date: 18 October, Friday 7pm, Meet and Greet
          19 October, Saturday, 10am-5pm Conference
           6pm, Banquest

Venue: Inner suburb of Melbourne

Cost: Concession $75
          Full Price $110
          (everything in Australian Dollars, if you are unsure if you are Concession or Full Price send me can email)

Register: To register and pay for the Conference go to trybooking

Lecture Topics:

1. Shelley and the origins of Liberal thought

2. E.F. Shumacher: Small is Beautiful

3. From ABC to XYZ: Alt-Media in Australia

4. International Banking and You

5. Class Warfare to White Genocide: The origins of Cultural Marxism

What you get for your money? 5 lectures, lunch and banquest, all non-alcoholic drinks and if last year is anything to go by some really great attendees.

If anyone has any questions please send me an email at uponhopeblog(AT) 

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