Wednesday 9 October 2019

The Eugenics Age

I was recently reading a magazine and in it were some letters regarding an article that had appeared in the issue before. The letterwriters accused the author of the article of supporting eugenics and I must admit I was surprised by that. But maybe I shouldn't be. It is amazing how unaware many people are.

Eugenics in simple term is using the techniques that breed specialty plants or animals and applying those techniques to humans. In other words to select the traits that we want and to encourage those traits in future generations through breeding. Now most people will tell you that eugenics is something the Nazi's did and that we should not be engaged in anything like that.

However we are currently living in the most eugenic of all ages.

For example, this year three Australian states, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia have passed through their Parliaments acts that either encourage abortion up until as close to birth as possible. Or they have passed laws to allow and encourage euthanasia. Laws that already exist in other parts of the world.

Now it is possible to find out if a foetus is deformed or handicapped well before birth. Nearly everywhere doctors encourage women to to abort that foetus. Whether you agree or diagree with this this, this is quite clearly eugenics.

Today women are encouraged to believe that fertility lasts into a women's forties. I even hear Traditional women saying this, that her Grandmother had a large number of children and her last was in her mid-forties. But that child was not her first child. The truth is that the younger a women is the easier it will be for her to conceive and the healthier that baby will be. A 25 year old women is much more fertile than a 35 year old women. A 35 year old women is much more fertile than a 45 year old women. But young mothers are not encouraged, that is eugenics.

Intelligent women, in particular, are encourage to focus on their career, at the expense of love, marriage and children. This means that the most intelligent women are not having children or are having less then they would otherwise, this is eugenics.

Women are not attracted to poor men so they also lose out on love, marriage and children, this is eugenics.

Eugenics is everywhere and we fail to notice it. The human race is being breed in a certain direction and we are lead to believe that it is good because it is the individuals 'choice'. But how free are we to really decide?

We have been given  false choices, but because it is a choice we feel as if we are the ones in charge. When someone tells you eugenics are bad, let them know that we are already living in the age of eugenics.

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