Friday 7 June 2013

Conservative Principles

Conservative Principles

Over the next 20 posts I will be putting up 20 Conservative principles that I believe encapsulate what Conservatism stands for. I have already put up a post on Traditional Conservatism, this here should provide more food for thought and help define even further the underpinnings of Conservatism.

Some will be quite short and others will be longer, it is an attempt to give you the chance to comment upon what has been put up. If you disagree, say so, if you  agree why not say so and if you can, explain why.

You can be certain that I agree with each of these. Some are the work of Russell Kirk, some are mine, all are conservative. Mr. Kirk has at least two lists of conservative principles, but I do not believe they are extensive enough. For example he has nothing in either about Patriotism or the roles between the sexes, nor anything on economics. But you will notice his thoughts quite easily as they are very well thought out and written. It is amazing that so little work of this nature has been done and I for one am glad I found his thoughts.

Each Conservative Principle will be numbered 1 of 20 for example, that is not because 1 is better than 2 but to make sure each is given it's proper credit and to allow proper time to think on the principle concerned. I should also point out that 20 is a round number, Mr. Kirk had 10, I have 20, each is arbitrary but we do need some kind of limit while still explaining our ideas.

I hope you find these of value.

For anyone interested in checking out more on Russell Kirk I suggest you look here:

Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

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