Sunday 23 June 2013

15 of 20 Rational and Irrational

15 of 20 Rational and Irrational

Conservatives do not believe man to be perfectible if only his institutions can be reformed or destroyed; Conservatives hold that man by his very nature is a mixture of good and evil, of rationality and irrationality.

Anarchists believe that if Government and other institutions are destroyed than the innate goodness of man will appear. Libertarians say Government bad, but the marketplace is good, then the real nature of man will appear. Communists and Socialists believe that Government can run the world better than people can and that once free from thinking about these petty concerns people will be happier. Fascists believe much the same, as do Left-Liberals. Right-Liberals like Government abit, but business alot. They all believe that there is a way of making us better people, that the person we are is inadequate and needs improvement.

Conservatives reject all of that, we believe that while we are all imperfect, that will not change to any great degree. That we must work with the material at hand and while it may be possible to improve or change things they will most likely be small and may not be permanent changes. We further accept that while men and women can perform acts of great valour, selflessness and tenderness, they are also capable of great cruelty, dishonestly and greed. We are not only good or bad, we posses the ability to be both. That is the reality and that is the knowledge that we should go through life with.

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