Sunday 16 June 2013

8 of 20 Permanence and Progression

8 of 20 Permanence and Progression

The Conservative knows that any healthy society is influenced by two forces, which Samuel Taylor Coleridge called it's permanence and it's progression, in short the Conservative favours reasoned and temperate progress. He is opposed to the cult of progress, which believes that everything new is superior to everything old.

While the Conservative believes in an enduring moral order, the world in which he lives is not static. It is constantly changing, somethings slowly and at other times change is quick. Not simply in our own age but in all ages. People are constantly being born while others die, the seasons change and with it the weather, even the landscape, which seems unchanging in fact does change.

The Conservative needs to both understand this as well as accept it. The most common problem is that because something is one day going to change someone wants to do it today just because they can. But we know that while death is a natural part of life that doesn't mean that murder is also fine. The argument that after all that person was always destined to die isn't good enough. But it is an argument we hear, for nothing can stand in the way of progress, not even wisdom. We must provide and support that wisdom.

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