Wednesday, 12 June 2013

5 of 20 The Principle of Hierarchy

5 of 20 The Principle of Hierarchy 

The Principle of Hierarchy: Hierarchy preserves and protects the whole community simultaneously, instead of protecting one part at the expense of the others.

One of the great lies of our age is that we live in a classless society, that anyone can be rich and powerful. That it is only your efforts that hold you back from everything you want. But it is manifestly untrue at every level. There have always been rich and poor and that continues as it will into the future. Further it encourages the idea that your social class is temporary, but for the vast majority of us it will not be temporary, it will be the same at our birth as it is at our death. As Liberalism is want to do it sees the exceptions and proclaims them as the the standard.

It also discourages each social class from protecting itself and in turn the other social classes. Our social obligations are ignored because our situation is regarded as only temporary. Society is suffering because the care that is need by each social class is not being provided. Each social class is in turn plundered when required to hold up the other social classes, it is a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Paid parental leave is an example, parents are paid to stay home with their new born child at the tax payers expense. The people most likely to use such a scheme are the middle class. So working class people get to pay for the middle class. It works in reverse as well, the middle class get to pay for welfare that is mainly working class such as single mothers and unemployment benefits. Neither social class is responsible for this state of affairs it is the Liberal system that has created this dysfunction and only when it is brought to heel will it stop.

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