Saturday 1 June 2013

A Conservative Future

A Conservative Future

While it is quite clear that Conservatives know what they are against, the importance of which cannot be stressed enough, it is also clear to me that Conservatives are not as sure of what they are in favour of. It is not enough simply to be against something, for us to achieve anything we must know what we are in favour of. It is easy to attack Liberalism, Feminism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Crony Capitalism but it only shows what we are against and it doesn't lead us anywhere. For us to have any effect on the future we need to not only know what we oppose but to know what we support.

We also need to stop aligning ourselves with people who support some of what we believe but who are really our enemies. Libertarians and Right-Liberals are the two biggest threats to us, they often say things we support and then so often we end up following them and they lead us further into Liberalism. They can never lead us anywhere else, because they support Liberalism. If we are to achieve anything we need our own movement, our own organisations, our own networks.

Ironically to fight Liberalism we need to take the things that work for them and use them against them. We need to develop small hardcore groups ready to develop doctrine and be ready to carry them out. We also need a much larger but mostly passive group of sympathizers. Neither of these things are out of our reach. We already have the beginnings of them on the internet, we need to form them in the real world. We need to build up networks and work together to achieve our aims. We need to launch campaigns against what we oppose. We need to let people know we exist and that opposition to Liberalism exists. We need to support our own candidates at each level of Government, we need to support our own candidates in every area of life that we can. And we need for them to know our support is not free.

If we are to have a Conservative future we need to build it ourselves, no one else is going to do it for us. There are many people waiting to be lead out of this Liberal nightmare, but until we are prepared to lead we will not advance, Liberalism will. Our choice is clear, a Liberal future or a Conservative Future!

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