Monday 17 June 2013

9 of 20 The Male and Female Pillars

9 of 20 The Male and Female Pillars

The Conservative knows that there is no war between the sexes because men and women are the twin pillars of the human race. They are mutually supporting, bringing the opposite of what the other has, they fit together and are expressly made to fit together.

A Traditional Conservative society believes in men and women having their rightful place, we do not believe in one sex exploiting the other but in mutual respect and support for the unique role that each plays. That each sex is better at some things than at others and while they may be able to do what the other sex does it will rarely be as good. That both sexes have a special place within society and that that place should be protected and honoured.

We reject the idea of men and women being rivals just as we reject the idea that they are interchangeable and the differences that make them unique do not exist or should be ignored. There are two pillars that hold up the human race and they are men and women, one pillar will not do, nor will two pillars pushing in opposite directions. Only with the mutual support of each, can both be strong.

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