Tuesday 18 June 2013

10 of 20 The Principle of Mutual Obligation

10 of 20 The Principle of Mutual Obligation

The poor and the weak should be protected from the rich and the strong, but it is better to encourage those able to look after themselves to do so and to concentrate on those truly in need of our aid and protection.

It is civilized to protect those unable to protect themselves, it is right to aid the poor, to protect them from pain, suffering and indignity. Just as it is right and proper for those who need assistance to be honest and to not exploit or game the system.

We are not Libertarians who believe in a dog eat dog world, we are not Right-Liberals who believe in economic man and in no other, we are not Left-Liberals who believe everyone should be supported by Government. As Conservatives we believe in a middle ground, a moderate place where those who need aid are provided for and those who do not are able to provide for themselves. We sometimes hear the argument that the poor have only themselves to blame, is it their fault that jobs are scarce? Is it their fault that they are old or sick? If we are serious about ending welfare dependency then we need to provide jobs that pay a living wage, only by providing an economic alternative can it end.

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