Monday, 10 June 2013

3 of 20 The Principle of Prudence

3 of 20 The Principle of Prudence

The Principle of Prudence: think before you leap

What are the consequences of choosing a particular action? We often hear from Liberals that a particular action will have either no consequences or good consequences, well they are not the same thing are they! What they are really telling us is that they hope, maybe believe is a better word, that what they propose will turn out well. Here we can clearly see they have not shown any prudence, they have not thought before they took their leap. They have based their proposal upon faith not upon thought, faith not in God but in themselves and their ideals.

For Conservatives that is not enough we need to know that a proposal, no matter who proposes it, has merit, that it will produce a better outcome than before. Prudence does not prevent mistakes, either in thought or implementation, but it does provide a further barrier. Without prudence there is no safety barrier between us and the speeding cars on the highway of ideas.

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