Tuesday 11 June 2013

4 of 20 The Principle of Variety

4 of 20 The Principle of Variety

The Principle of Variety: We should respect the variety within the human race, which includes class, sex, race and ability amongst others.

Every man and women has their own distinct looks, abilities and personality. They will at the same time have features and attributes in common with other people, not only one person is attractive or mean for example. They are features shared by many others but not by all people. It is that mix that makes us distinct individuals. That means that there is a wide variety of people and it is that variety that makes up the human race.

It may sound like I have just described diversity, well there is nothing wrong with either the word or the meaning, the problem with modern "diversity" is that it is imposed instead of simply experienced. Variety is about accepting the reality of the world as it already exists, not in imposing variety upon people. It is about allowing for the differences that occur. We do not want a world were everyone looks the same or thinks the same, we know we need variety. We need to accept those less fortunate than us and also those more fortunate than us. As well as those who are simply different. That does not mean that we must accept everything and everyone, we do not have a limitless ability to be tolerant, there are limits. But in the main we need to view variety as a necessary part of life because the truth is that each one of us is part of that variety.

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